Situated in Azores in the small village of Fazenda das Lajes, this 4 bedroom guest house (withouth private bathroom) is available nightly or weekly.

A large living room/dining room and equiped kitchen as well astwo bathroom with bathtub and hot water to be shared with the other guests. The house is furnished in a simple and rustic manner, perfectly adapted for families with small children.

Located in a friendly local neighborhood of Flores residence who often speak fluent english.

Down the street is La cana Roca, a friendly pizzeria run by an Italo-Sri Lankan couple... as well as the bus stop serving the island and a small children's playground with swings and slide.

There is a washing machine and bedding is provided.  Upstairs is available to guests:
- A large room for Yoga, Massage, Meditation, Musique...

- A library with book exchange...

We welcome our guests with great pleasure and help organize your visit to our beautiful island.  Residents for 10 years, we are French and speak english, portuguese, spanish and some italian...

Welcome to Flores!



 Metello & Marina

Fazenda das Lajes

+34 637 19 24 99 


Classes and practical training in the Azores.


I propose unique massage training that in addition to liberating muscular tension through touch, aims to relieve and prevent pain using articular decompression massage techniques.







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Because frederic know the island like nobody...

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Casa do Rei

One of our favorite adress in Lajes das Flores 


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Our Friend makes music !

Camille Farge



Windy James,

An American portuguese Folk singer !

O Coletivo Florentino,

a group of friends made this album. Each one has their own style, all worked together for this wonderful album !



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