Flores, just the name is brimming with poetry and portrays what this little peace of land has to offer, lost in the heart of one of the three oceans of our planet.  A flower found in the hear of the atlanic that stays open and welcoming although swept by hurling winds, battered with insistent rains, covered with imposing cloudcover...And then a ray of sunshine breaks through and inundates the horizon from afar, the ocean shimmers...replenishing our eyes again the with the beauty of the island, momentarily calm.

The island is small, but displays a rich natural grandeur and abundance of rain, rivers, lakes, waterfalls, natural pools.  A rich landscape of hills, valleys, plateaus, cliffs, canyons...

Luxurious and dominant nature leaves a space for man.
There is a mutual respect between nature and humans.
An Equilibrirum rarely found in our time where man loses himself in his priorities and needs.
Thanks to its geographic isolation, small size and varied topograpy man cannot enslave Flores.  A small haven of peace where nature is free to evolve at her proper rhythm.
The law of nature instills her living conditions.
The aircraft depend on the wind, the boats depend on the waves, and continental provisions depend on the good volition of Aeolus and Neptune. Meanwhile the florentine people know that Flores is apt to furnish them with their essential needs: water, wood, fruit, vegetables, meat and fish.
Consciousness of possible self-sufficiency free from the weight of financial dependence.  
To come to Flores permits to see that we can live with little as long as we can feed our eyes and heart with the perfect beauty of landscape and the simplicity of human exchanges.

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